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Apocalyptrick, 2020. 

Inhabitants of the fourth ring wait for

Heavy stones to be laid on greedy chests.

Wrap us in bubble wrap, fishbowl vision

Blocks out the full roan sun.

The tricks aren’t penniless anymore.


You walk on all fours in the shadowed corners,

Add inches to the soles of our boots

So we tread lightly through green sludge & glass. 

Take notes from the crows, Shape our faces in

 their likeness,


Cover us in your rubber plague masks.


Tell us it looks good, looks right to protect

All flesh.

Take our dimes, checks, laundry quarters.

Turn it, Magician, into fancy branded armor.

Tell us the age of fire doesn’t scare you.


The tricks aren’t penniless anymore.


Collaboration with Carina Espudo

Black Lives Matter Protest, Oakland, California 2020.
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